- Activities -

Solace caters to more than 1300 CHILDREN suffering from long term serious illnesses such as cancer, thalassaemia, nephrotic syndrome, cerebral palsy, hemophilia, heart disease etc. Children are provided with life saving medicines on a monthly basis for as many years as is required. Funds are also provided for chemotherapy, radiation etc., in the case of cancer patients.

In addition to medical support, we provide psychosocial support to the sick children and their families. This is done mainly through regular home visits. Most of the parents are tied up with children's hospitalization and other treatment related problems and so cannot earn livelihoods for themselves. We provide them with rice kits which include pulses and other groceries. Some of the families need urgent repair of their dilapidated houses. We try to help them in this endeavour by assisting in meeting with the expense of the repair. Apart from these, get together programmes intended for training the parents are also being conducted every month. This includes sewing classes, candle making, handicrafts etc so as to make them to earn along with caring their child.