Solace's Founder

Sheeba Ameer, a part of the field of palliative care for more than seventeen years, initiated Solace in 2007. She was driven by the years of struggle following her daughter 's diagnosis of Leukemia. Her experience of stay at various hospitals, including Mumbai 's Tata Hospital, which is Asia 's largest cancer treatment center, exposed her to the plight of various families, from extremely poor background, with terminally ill children. Many parents were not able to even afford food for their ailing child; they could not be by their loved one's side as they had to work continuously to pay the bills. Bothered by such deep suffering and with active encouragement from her daughter, Sheeba Ameer began to take part in the programms of the Pain and Palliative Care Society while also tending to her daughter 's needs. It is these years of attending to the sick children and their families that taught her the totality of care needed during the experience of illness. Armed with this experience, 'Solace' was born in 2007, starting as a Play Therapy Unit beside the leukemia ward of Govt. Medical College, Thrissur. From tending to the needs of 15 children, Solace has grown immensely and now supports over 1800 children suffering from Cancer, Thalassemia, Cerebral palsy, Nephrotic syndrome, Hemophilia, Heart diseases, Fits, Wilson disease, Mental retardation, Juvenile arthritis, Epilepsy, Hearing loss etc

For her noble and exemplary social work, Sheeba Ameer has won several awards including The CNN IBN Real Hero award 2011, Vanitha Woman of the Year award 2011, Kerala State Social Justice Dept. Accamma Cherian Memorial VanitharathnaPuraskaram 2016 etc. She chaired the Kerala Padana Congress in 2015 and is involved in various committees dealing with women related issues. She has also published three books, 'NadannuPoyaval', which won the 2011 AvaniBala award for best literature by a female writer, 'AzhathilPathinjaChitrangal, and 'KoodeKurachuDhooram'. Yet, her first loyalty lies with her brainchild, 'Solace'.