What is Solace

Solace is a local organization that facilitates the care and support of children from poor backgrounds with long term illnesses. Founded in 2007 in Thrissur, Solace, in tandem with the medical fraternity, provides medical, social and psychological, including counseling, aid to the children, their caregivers and families. In terms of medical aid, we ensure that the child receives the best medical treatment available. Monthly supply of often rare medicines and funds for treatment like chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc. is guaranteed. Weekly home care visits to follow up on the help given and to investigate further needs of the family affected is also done. Social support includes travel and stay expenses for taking the patient to the hospital for treatment, providing support to siblings of the affected child, handing out food kits and other essentials which are often necessary for survival of these families, maintenance work such as repairing houses during rains and floods etc. Recently, we delivered financial support for further education of a sibling of a patient. In fact, we live their lives experiencing their difficult times along with them and offering assistance whenever necessary. Often, our youth volunteers develop a close relationship with the children and stay the night at hospitals for their care. Our Respite Center in Kiralur with its top notch facilities is a safe and hygenic place to rest and recover

We also conduct family strengthening programmes on a monthly basis meant to empower the parents, especially mothers, so that they can cultivate certain skills and techniques like tailoring, candle making and food processing in order to earn while caring for their children. We also facilitate parent get-togethers monthly to create self-support groups. Patients from all over Kerala have been directed to Solace by various medical colleges and their treatment, both curative and palliative, in totality is serviced by Solace. We also make sure that patients who have crossed the age of eighteen are not left without any support, but gradually integrated into the society. We currently support more than 1600 children suffering from various serious illnesses.